The easiest way that one can obtain green card is through marriage, but not all that have tried it succeeded. There are rules or steps that one will follow to obtain a green card. This blog post focuses on how to get a green card through marriage. I will be giving you full guide and how you can get your green card quick and easily.

With green card you are allowed to live at USA and enjoy as a citizen without the fear of been deployed. You can travel to USA any day and anytime.

how to get a green card through marriage

There are two ways you can get green card through marriage: Adjustment of Status and consular processing. People who currently live in USA with nonimmigrant visa that’s on temporary basis can use this method while consular process is for people that live outside USA.

Step 1: You have to fill a form called form I – 130. This form is for alien relative, this form collections your bio data and cleats you to know your eligibility of application. If this for clears you and you are eligible to apply, then you can proceed in your visa application.

Step 2: This step contains the green card application, you will be allowed to fill the green card application form. Depending on the method your are using, if you are within USA then you need to apply for permanent resident or adjustment of status. You can fill the form called USCIS Form I-485 for application.

When you are done filling the form submit at USA green card office and wait to receive a reply from them.

Then if you are outside USA, then you apply for an immigrant visa to USA aside the alien petition.

I hope you have learned how to get a green card through marriage.

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